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About our Program

Making exercise a priority and finding the time for a workout can be tricky when you're a mom doing all the things. Being able to take your child with you can make a huge difference. Enter Mama's Bootcamp! We are more than just your typical "mommy and me" exercise class.  We are a community of moms and kids of all ages and abilities who come together for fun, coach led workouts. Unlike most "mommy and me" classes, Mama's Bootcamp is focused on the MAMA, while providing a social outlet for both moms and kiddos.


We focus on filling MAMAs cup through health and exercise!

Each class is 45 minutes long.  We utilize a variety of equipment including dumbbells, medicine balls, kettle-bells, resistance bands and our body weight to name a few.  We structure our class time into sections including strength and accessory work along with high intensity scalable circuit style training.  We also believe in the importance of core and mobility work for our Mamas.  

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