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Tiffany Normandin


Tiffany Normandin is a mother of two energetic little boys (Maximus, 4, and Maddox, 2). She is the Co-owner and Wellness Consultant of Push Pull Training, LLC, a physical fitness training business with a focus on corporate wellness and one-on-one personal training; Owner and creator of Mama’s Bootcamp, a group exercise program launched in November 2018 where moms can reach fitness goals and make important social connections without having to find a sitter; Affiliate Manager of CrossFit EXP in Leominster, MA, Social Curator for several businesses, and Down Syndrome Advocate with Best Buddies International.


Tiffany has a  BS in Business Management from Fitchburg State University. Her professional credits include GGS Pre & Post Natal Certified coach, Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach, CrossFit Level 1 certification, CPR/AID/First Aid certification, and Body Training Systems Group Power Instructor and ACE (American Counsel of Exercise Certified Personal Trainer). In addition, Tiffany has attended CrossFit Specialty Seminars in Mobility, Olympic Weight Lifting, Gymnastics, Endurance & Rowing.


Tiffany’s fitness journey started at an early age, and she participated in softball, gymnastics, triathalons and bodybuilding. Exposure to these varied disciplines eventually led to her discovery of CrossFit, first as an athlete and then as a coach. She was drawn to CrossFit’s functional movements and measurable progress.

As a coach, Tiffany loves witnessing the changes that occur when an individual works on their physical fitness. The improvements in physical ability develop self confidence and ultimately  work to create a better spouse, parent, friend and professional.

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